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Set to have a strong presence in the 500cc midweight class, the Eliminator family name makes a return for Kawasaki with the unveiling of a machine with a unique design language of its own.

Ready to make its mark in the urban style stakes, the EU A2 licence class compliant Eliminator 500 mates a liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder motor to Kawasaki’s famous trellis frame technology creating a great power-to weight ratio plus a sleek silhouette harnessing a long and low form with horizontal lines defining the tank, seat and tail unit.

Kawasaki Eliminator

Delivering an ergonomic package that joins rider to machine in a natural ‘all-day riding comfort’ position, the Eliminator can boast a low seat height of just 735mm,allowing an easy reach to the ground while offering a total of three seat height options including the standard item plus two others (higher at 765mm and lower at 715mm) as part of Kawasaki’s genuine accessory Ergo-Fit range.

Kawasaki Eliminator

All LED lighting further increases day and night presence while an all-digital LCD meter keeps the rider informed of all essential information. Suspended from the tubular trellis chassis, the Eliminator’s parallel twin engine offers strong low-end torque, greatly benefiting low-speed control and manoeuvrability while contributing to low-stress everyday riding. And that riding experience can be enhanced with the features available on Kawasaki’s unique Rideology Smartphone app that allows riders to mate their machine to their handheld device for a new level of rider and motorcycle communication.

Kawasaki EliminatorUp front an 18-inch wheel paves the way while an imposing 16- inch rear delivers a clear message about urban style and the personality of the Eliminator and its rider. And under the skin in the ‘go department’, the Eliminator’s engine harnesses all of Kawasaki’s expertise in a long history of parallel twins. Features such as downdraft intakes provide a short, direct path for intake air to enter the cylinders, a large 5.8 L airbox with left and right intake funnels of different heights contributing to the engine’s smooth response, plus large throttle valves helping to flow a greater volume of air, contributing to strong performance.

Kawasaki Eliminator

The chassis design inspiration comes courtesy of the Ninja 400. Complementing the sleek styling, the steering geometry was carefully selected to achieve light, natural handling. With a 1,520mm wheelbase, the impressive-looking chassis offers low weight while achieving its impressive design. Additionally, a diecast swingarm mounting plate bolts to the back of the engine assembly allowing the swingarm to be mounted directly to the engine, contributing to stability and light weight.

Kawasaki Eliminator

In terms of those all-important looks, a long and low design with elegant proportions is created by the vertically thin fuel tank and the horizontal lines evident from the head pipe to the original tail. The design of this impressive, mid-class sized body suggests a balance of active performance and composure while the round headlight and twin-shock rear suspension add to the authentic motorcycle style. For the SE model a unique colour and graphic package is mated to a stylish headlamp cowl, rubber fork boots, a handlebar mount USB-C port and a special SE seat with a distinctive stitching pattern.

The Eliminator 500 and Eliminator 500 SE will be available from January, with prices confirmed nearer the time. I’ll keep you posted.


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