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Just thought I would bring you up to speed on my latest press fleet bike that BMW has been kind/brave enough to loan me.

A full review is to follow in another blog post and vlog, but before I get into that… it’s pissing down.

You might have seen a recent blog, so forgive me for the repetition, I have just been amongst the biggest mass of bikers I have every witnessed; estimates say nine thousand. An amazing turnout for a man named Peter Kirkby, 78 years young, who had a wish: to see a few motorbikes ride past his care home in Wrawby, Lincolnshire.

The call went out on Social Media, the staff thinking that a handful of bikers would turn up, to be treated to tea and cakes. Ah, little did they realise how the biking community comes together on such occasions.

BMW R1250 R ST

Bikers awaiting the arrival of thousands of others…

Yep, they came from all over the UK, and some even from abroad. The procession took about an hour-and-a half to ride slowly past Wrawby Hall Care Home, where Peter, a former biker himself, sits in his wheelchair surrounded by friends, family and care home staff, waving at the bikers and doing the occasional thumbs-up.

BMW R1250 R ST

Yes, okay, keep your comments to yourself please…

The weather is/was glorious. I say ‘was’. As I leave the village, I decide to head for a popular biker hangout at Willingham Woods for a cuppa. A few spots of rain on my visor. No worries. Ha. Riding towards Caistor, the heavens open. I am wearing jeans and a summer armoured shirt. I change the BMW’s Mode setting to Rain and carry on, splashing my way through puddles and catching the spray of passing vehicles. This is a true shit show.I arrive at the Woods, and chat with other bikers who have just made the same run from Wrawby. I am standing under a tree talking to a couple of guys, wringing the bottom of my shirt out, jeans stuck to my legs, wet gloves off, helmet off. Cuppa in hand, the sun decides to pop out of the gloom. Very funny.

One of the bikers is riding a sports bike, the other a cruiser. They look at the BMW and say how nice it is, despite it dripping with water and covered in road grime (sorry BMW!). I decide to head home in more drizzle. Never mind, I’m soaked anyway.

BMW R1250 R SE

Cracker, isn’t it

The same thing had happened the previous day when I went to Cadwell Park to attend the Suzuki Live Classic Bike weekend. Sshhh, don’t tell anyone I arrived on the BMW. I bumped into a few people I knew, including enjoying a chat with ace rider Steve Parrish who had just been out on track on a classic Suzuki. I headed to the main restaurant for sustenance. I had only just sat down when I caught sight of a marshal waving a red flag… I believe it was during a Novice round. Emergency vehicles flew past the window. Not sure what happened to the rider, but fingers crossed. Never nice.

I thought I would take another tour round the paddock when I looked up and saw this massive Nimbostratus cloud heading towards Cadwell, so time to make a swift exit. Not quick enough, though. Two minutes into the ride home and it was time for a drenching.

Arriving home, I washed the bike down ready for the Sunday ride to Wrawby.

BMW R1250 R ST

On route I stopped at Jenny’s Café in Hibaldstow, a popular biker spot and one of my regular haunts. I enjoyed a crispy bacon sandwich while my riding partner tucked into a small breakfast. Lo and behold, who should turn up but two really good friends, Al Lui and fiancée Natasha Swaby. Al runs Lincs Leathers, the popular business which caters for all things biker related, and Tasha is possibly the best ambassador for R1s I have ever met! We chat awhile before my friend and I continue to Brigg where the bikers were gathering for the ride to Wrawby.

A couple of days ago I saw an ad on FaceBook for a car. Yes, I know, this is a motorcyle bog, but I did ride over to check it out on the BMW. I did have a car, a Mini One, which I had for eighteen months. Foolishly, I put my daughter on the insurance and hardly ever saw the car again for… eighteen months. Dads, eh. Anyway, this will be just a fun runaround when I am not riding a bike. It’s a 2002 (how old!!) MG FT, in a stunning blue colour, and it’s really, really nice. Been stored for seven years, and has 83,000 clicks. It’s being MoT-ed next week, so hoping to collect it when it gets the green light. Got a hardtop, too.

BMW R1250 R SE

No, I haven’t been drinking, so being arty-farty

I have been to quite a few places on the BMW now. No return date had been set with the press fleet gang, but then the inevitable happened. An email popped through. It’s good though, as it’s not due back until the second week of August, so another couple of weeks of enjoyment to be had, but not today, as, yep, it’s dumping down once again. But then, to brighten your – and my – day, here are a few nice pix of my return from viewing the car…

…and if you really insist, I’ll pop some pix up of the MG, too, when I get it..

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