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Released in 1963, Andy Williams’ evergreen festive ear worm continues to annually hit the airwaves when radio stations decide it’s time to bombard Christmas festive songs upon the great British public.

This seems to get earlier each year. Chatting with Paul Burdass, founder of Fat Skeleton,  his guess this year is for late September! I reckon earlier than that, seeing as how all the Easter eggs were weighing down supermarket shelves from about January 2nd! Paul would also like to take the opportunity to thank Booking.Com as, over the last couple of years, the song has continued to annoy, thanks to its TV ads!

Fat Skeleton

Paul Burdass test riding an H-D Livewire in Daytona back in 2020. (He doesn’t think he’ll be going electric somehow, as he likes the throb of a real engine too much!) You and me both, Paul

Never heard of Fat Skeleton! Check them out. They have been retailing the coolest cruiser and biker related items which they import direct from the USA for well over a decade. They are certainly one of my go-to places when I am looking for something new and trendy.

I’m certainly not the only one, because over that time Fat Skeleton have fulfilled well over 100,000 transactions, most of which are despatched on the same or next day after purchase. Internet orders are fulfilled on a daily basis from the warehouse ideally located in the centre of the UK in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

What’s more, customers are also welcome to visit the small but well-stocked showroom which is open during office hours Monday through Friday. Get Easter out the way, and it’s on my radar.

Over to you, Paul. “We’ve grown to be one of the largest custom bike based internet companies within the UK as our business is based on our enthusiasm and knowledge of the market we are lucky enough to work in. We love Big V Twins and the associated lifestyle that goes with it so you can be sure we’ve a real passion for, and belief in, the lines that we sell.”

Anyway, as you will have gathered by now, Paul is a keen motorcyclist, and he reckons Mr Williams had it wrong. Whilst enjoying Christmas as much as the next person, he absolutely hates the British weather, and not only December. He goes further: “I really don’t enjoy October, November, January and February either!” Fair play. I have been out and about on the bike in some really shitty weather of late, spending hours cleaning and polishing after I have returned home. But that’s just me, as I have to be out testing bikes and products in all weathers!

And, what the heck, it’s Easter already. That’s a really wonderful time, says Paul, and as he says, that’s when the weather can produce some amazing unexpected riding days, and as the clocks go forward an hour, we’ve got increasingly longer daylight hours to indulge in our two-wheel passion as well.

Fat Skeleton

“The past weekend was a prime example of those early spring days which hold and inspire such wonderful (there’s that word again) aspirations that THIS will be one of our best riding years ever,” says Paul.

“Based here in the East Midlands, my riding season for the past three decades has been kick-started by a couple of normally well attended charitable Easter Egg runs. Last Sunday, the one that left the Forest recreational park in Nottingham to ride the ten miles or so to the Fire Station in Mansfield was blessed with one of these amazing beautiful sunny and not too cold mornings.

“An astounding 728 bikes, riders and  pillions of every imaginable style, from new riders on 50cc and 125cc machines experiencing their first-ever taste of such an event, through to experienced road warriors, bedecked in their preferred regalia, be it one-piece leather race suits or denim and leather cuts displaying club associations, event or slogan patches. We’re all part of this amazingly wide and diverse universe; it was a real Gathering of The Clans.

“And from the smiles of the thronged masses as the participants felt that stirring in the soul as they each remember just how much they love their time spent on two wheels, I guess I’m not the only one thinking this may just be the Most Wonderful Time of The Year as well!

Well said, Paul. Ride Safe brother.

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