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I would like to thank Henry Cole.

On a recent programme I saw him riding the new Honda Transalp 750 across the (I think) Bluestone Heath Road in the magnificent Lincolnshire Wolds, my home turf.

Although he seems to have a love/hate relationship with many people, I like him because he brings bikes to the screen, all manner of machine, old and new, and his crew are great, too.

And the reason I wish to thank him is because he brought the Transalp XL750 to my attention. So I touched base with the Honda press team and asked whether one would be available on the fleet for me to test for a couple of weeks. And they did, although I had to wait a while for delivery.

First impressions: Impressive. My first long ride was to Belvoir Castle on a lovely, sunny day. I’ll be bringing you my findings in a report once the bike has been returned, but in the meantime I’ve popped a video of the ride on YouTube, and here, too.


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