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It were great in them days. White Tee, studded leather jacket, ice blue jeans, big boots. It was the ‘bovver boys’ that turned up the bottoms of their jeans to show off their maroon or green Doc Martens, us bikers did it because it looked cool, aka Marlon Brando, and the black leather Army boots were not for show, but more to avoid ankle bone damage when the kick-start sprang back with a real vengeance. Hands up how many times that happened – and still happens – to you!

Roadskin Tyrian JeansI haven’t come across a pair of ice blues for years now, so was interested to try a pair of Roadskin’s trendsetting retro Tyrians. These are a definite nod to nostalgia, and even more so when those bottoms are turned up. But then these aren’t just any old biker jeans… well, they might be after you have splashed oil and fuel on them.

I am always fascinated by how brands come up with names. I know some ask employees to write down their suggestions and pop them in a hat, but that could prove a bit dodgy. Anyway, research tells me that Tyrian purple is made from thousands of crushed seashells from the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, or Morocco. With its uniquely intense colour and resistance to fading, Tyrian purple was adored by ancient civilisations. For millennia, it was the most valuable colour on the planet. Then the recipe to make it was lost. Could man, or Roadskin, bring it back, you may ask? Thankfully, the manufacturer swerved that one, instead coming up with a stonewashed blue.

According to Roadskin, the Tyrian jeans are tailored to be cuffed for a retro aesthetic reminiscent of 1950s Americana, adding a vintage flair to one’s riding gear. And it works.  Made from a durable fabric blend of 75 per cent CORDURA® Denim Fabric, with polyester, nylon, and Lycra for flexibility and comfort, the jeans also feature a light mesh lining to help keep the rider cool during rides, plus you’ve got an added layer of skin tear protection.

Roadskin Tyrian JeansBelieve me when I say they have a great feel, being super-soft, and have proved to be comfortable both on and off the bike, plus the fact that I have found them to blend seamlessly with my riding style, whether it be on a cruiser, tourer, or sportsbike.

Three words perfectly sum up the Tyrian: Safety Meets Style. The jeans are CE AA-rated, with Level 2 Smoothways knee and hip armour as standard. Should you prefer an alternative, Roadskin have partnered with RHEON™ to offer the option of purchasing their Level 2 knee and hip armour.

All main seams are triple-stitched, thereby reinforcing their durability, resilience and longevity. The pockets are in the traditional jeans places, with two deep front pockets and two at the rear, plus a small change pocket to the right. You’ve also got double belt loops for attaching top layers.

This UK label continues to produce excellent modern biker clothing, designs that you can wear comfortably all-day long, so if you fancy it’s time to go all retro, grab yourself a pair of Tyrians and you won’t be disappointed.

Waist sizes are 30-40 inches, with an inside leg of either 30/Short or 32/Regular, £159.00,

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