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Roadskin®, one of the leading innovators in motorcycle gear, has announced the launch of its latest creation: the Roadskin Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket.

Keeping a rider’s need for durability and functionality at the forefront, Roadskin has engineered a product that promises to revolutionise the riding experience and complement its earlier release, waterproof over trousers known as ‘Rainskins’.


Offering both comfort and protection, the jacket ensures that all riders can ride in style, regardless of the conditions. With a commitment to quality and rider satisfaction, Roadskin is confident the product will become an essential component for motorcyclists everywhere.

Main features include full waterproof technology with every seam meticulously sealed to keep riders dry and protected, even in the heaviest of rains; enhanced visibility via a reflective logo and piping; a light mesh lining, which enables airflow, making it perfect for a comfortable ride in any weather; two front pockets with waterproof zips; and a compact design, making it easily foldable and therefore  a convenient addition to any travel kit.

Crafted with high-quality 100% polyester to withstand the rigours of the road, the jacket is available sizes S to XXL, and retails at £39.99.

RoadskinThe ‘Rainskins’ Waterproof Over Trousers were released last year and retail at £29.99. Crafted from heavy-duty PVC, these durable bottoms have been designed to withstand the occasional brush with a hedgerow. They have a separate mesh lining for extra comfort and glide, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride, and the waterproof inner bonded seams ensure dryness. The over trousers have handy adjustable straps at the hems, making placing them over the rider’s boots easy. They also have side cargo pockets to carry smaller items. Safety plays a major role, with a reflective logo included on the front pockets and piping on the legs, enhancing visibility on the road.

The new waterproof motorcycle jacket and over trousers are available through Roadskin’s official website. They can also be bought as a ‘kit’ at a reduced price and come with a travel pouch.

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