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Roadskin has announced the launch of the Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans for both men and women.

This latest addition to Roadskin’s line of high-performance motorcycle gear combines the classic look of a blue mid-wash denim with advanced safety features, offering riders protection without sacrificing style.

Roadskin Tyrian jeans

Crafted with the adventurous spirit of motorcyclists in mind, the Tyrian jeans have achieved the CE AA rating and are more suited to relaxing rides and tours than motorways. Designed for those who refuse to compromise style and safety, these jeans incorporate Level 2 knee and hip armour as standard, ensuring riders are well protected on every journey.

Breaking away from traditional motorcycle jeans, the Tyrian offers a unique twist… The option to turn up the hem for a retro look reminiscent of 50s Americana adds to the aesthetic appeal and provides versatility in styling.

The jeans are made from a sophisticated blend of CORDURA® denim fabric and lycra, offering a rare softness and comfort in motorcycle jeans. This innovative material stretches to accommodate various riding styles, ensuring comfort on long rides and durability that withstands the rigours of the road.

Key Features include:

  • CE AA-rated protection
  • Level 2 knee and hip armour
  • Double-stitched durability
  • Strategic armour pockets
  • Cool Mesh lining
  • Adjustable length  for a custom fit and retro styling option
  • Customised fit: Available in various leg lengths and sizes to suit all riders

In addition, the Tyrian jeans offer features tailored specifically for women, including a higher rear waistband and a more fitting leg, ensuring comfort and discretion.

The Tyrian Motorcycle Jeans retail at £159 and are available in various sizes. Men’s sizes range from 30-40-inch waist, and women’s sizes from 8-16, with different leg lengths available for a perfect fit.

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