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Cold, wet, miserably numb fingers. Can’t wait to get home. Have you been there and done that? Set off on a pleasant day and, miles from home, up ahead you realise you are on a collision course with thunder clouds. The heavens open, drenching you, your ventilated jacket, your riding jeans, summer boots (not waterproof, of course), and, yes, your gloves.

The last time that happened to me was at a friend’s funeral and I was riding behind the cortege. Admittedly, it had been raining, but it had eased off later in the day. But then we were bombarded, the downpour torrential. My leather vest was sodden through, as were my gloves. Took them days to dry off. Yes, I know, it was my fault and I had been stupid. In my drawer at home was a pair of waterproof gloves, but they were thick ones for winter riding, and this was not winter. All the same…

RST Pro Series Ranger glovesSo, thank you, RST, for a solution to my, and many other bikers’, problems when it comes to inclement weather and we still need to be riding: the new Pro Series Ranger CE Waterproof Gloves.

RST’s ‘Ranger’ will not be a new name to you if you are already aware of the jacket and jean combo. The Pro Series Ranger Jean features a SinAqua Waterproof outer shell and works perfectly with  RST’s Ranger Pro Jacket. The latter is three jackets in one with a removable destination inner coat, the Ranger main outer jacket and a SinAqua Waterproof outer shell.

And now we can benefit from the Pro Series Ranger Glove. Whether or not you want the gloves to match your previously purchased RST jacket and jean combo isn’t really relevant, because these work – obviously – as a standalone piece of riding attire so you don’t really have to dress up like a window display mannequin with an all-matching outfit, although, admittedly, it would look dead smart if that’s your bag.

The gloves are constructed with a mix of Nylon and Cordura with silicone detailing and include the RST palm slider and integrated TPU knuckle protector. You’re also treated to a brushed polyester waterproof lining.

The gloves are long enough to easily cover your wrists and either tuck under or over a jacket, and there is plenty of flexibility as you wrap your fingers around the grips.

RST Pro Series Ranger gloves

I found the Velcro tighteners somewhat odd at first, with two separate tightening systems, one around just below the base of the palm with a single fastener, and then a double one higher up the wrist, but it does work well.. and yes, I have waited until the weather has been inclement before wheeling the bike out of the garage and getting wet and yes, I would thoroughly recommend these gloves.

RST Pro Series Ranger glovesI gather that the Derbyshire-based design team rigorously test all RST clothing themselves, including riding all-year round in all weathers. It’s that kind of passion and dedication that make the brand such a winner, both for road and track riders.

The RST Pro Series Ranger CE Waterproof Gloves are available in sizes 7 (XS) to 12 (XXL) and retail at £99.

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