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I have a Yamaha Tracer 9 GT arriving in the next few days (yes, one I have actually bought, not one begged from Yamaha’s press fleet to test ride, although I will be preparing a review and video), so I was interested when the following news popped through to my email… a handy waterproof bag that can be strapped to a bike’s seat, luggage rack or crash bars.

SW-Motech’s Drybag 80 is a versatile eight-litre bag that will undoubtedly come in handy for day trips, commuting essentials, or adding additional storage when touring.

SW-Motech 8-litre DrybagOffering a similar capacity to a Daypack tank bag, the Drybag 80 is made from SW-Motech’s new and improved 500D PVC shell, with welded seams making it 100 per cent waterproof. This material makes the bag easier to load and roll-up for storage, has a high tensile strength for durability, and is tear and puncture resistant.

There’s a roll and clip closure to offer quick and easy access to the main compartment, and seal out the elements. There’s also a welded outer pocket for keeping smaller items accessible without having to disturb other contents.

The Drybag 80 features a universal fit system, making it compatible with most motorcycles. Its two-point strapping system can be firmly fixed to the bike, and is quickly and easily removed at stops. It can also be lashed to other SW Motech bags, to instantly add extra carrying capacity.

SW-Motech 8-litre Drybag

When off the bike, the Drybag 80 transforms into a convenient bag with a comfortable carrying handle and an optional shoulder strap. (I understand this is sold separately, but having checked SW-Motech’s website for a price, and whilst other shoulder straps were listed, there was not one for this particular bag.) That aside, the bag will still make a handy companion for any outdoor activity where keeping gear dry is a priority, and I suppose you could always use other karabiner-type shoulder straps.

The Drybag 80 is available in a grey/black colour scheme that complements SW-Motech’s SysBag WP bags and the PRO line of luggage.

Retail is £62.99 (although I’ve found it listed at the Sportsbikeshop for £53.01 – why the one pence?!) and comes complete with two securing straps and paint protection film.

SW-Motech 8-litre Drybag

I said earlier this item particularly caught my attention because whilst the Tracer 9 GT comes with fitted panniers, I have also ordered a set of HEED crash bars from Poland (only place I could get them from), so one of these bags will come in very handy for strapping to either side of the bike, or indeed on the luggage rack.

Check out for details.


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