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I have been fortunate to ride a range of Suzuki’s ‘tall rounders’ and always loved them for their comfort and performance. Spray, however, is a continuing problem not only with the Suzuki, but other marques I have ridden.

How often have you enjoyed a day out, only to return home to find the rear seat, panniers and back of the jacket completely filthied up due to road crud merrily splashing you without even being conscious of it!

Pyramid Spray Guard

Well, Suzuki has been busy coming up with a solution. Quick and easy to fit, and styled to look like an OE item, the Pyramid Spray Guard will keep the rear end of its GSX-S1000GX clean, without making a mess of its minimalist styling.

Should you have already had the pleasure of riding one, you will know that the GX’s narrow tail end looks great, but offers zero rear spray protection. That means anything the rear wheel rolls over invariably ends up caked all over the bike, rider, passenger and on-board luggage, too.

Pyramid Spray Guard

Pyramid’s Spray Guard sits at just the right angle to stop water, tar, mud, stones and other debris being thrown over and around the tail section. It keeps the rear lights and number plate clear and makes for easier cleaning at the end of a day’s riding. Like all Pyramid protectors, it’s designed, developed and made in the UK. The guard itself is made from high-quality glass fibre, and the mounting bracket is CNC-machined aluminium, with a durable hand-painted finish.

Pyramid Spray Guard

Quick and easy to fit, it mounts to the near side of the GX’s swingarm, leaving access to the chain and rear brake caliper completely free. No modifications to the GX are needed and it comes with the required hardware and easy-to-follow instructions.

Available now from Pyramid, the GSX-S1000GX Spray Guard retails at £151.99 in gloss black and £172.99 in matte black. A  carbon fibre option is available at £179.99. All prices include VAT.

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