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Exactly 10 years ago the original MT-09 hit the streets for the first time and the Hyper Naked world embraced the new Dark Side of Japan philosophy.

Yamaha engineers had designed a raucous, new three-cylinder machine that would appeal to red-blooded riders looking for a stripped-down machine that delivered thrills and performance in equal measure. And from that moment the MT-09 dynasty became a major force in motorcycling which reignited a passion for Yamaha naked streetbikes.

2024 MT-09

Fast-forward a decade and we have the announcement of the latest version of this iconic machine. The 2024 MT-09 takes the original spirit of this ground-breaking Hyper Naked and blends it with the very latest technologies to deliver the most refined and sophisticated MT-09 ever built. From its distinctive new face and sharper styling, to the all-new TFT screen and advance rider functions with YRC, connectivity and navigation, to the latest third generation quickshifter and new Back Slip Regulator system, the latest MT-09 looks to once again set the standard for its class.

And you check it out at the upcoming Motorcycle Live at Birmingham NEC which opens on November 18.

2024 MT-09

As the original hyper naked born out of the Dark Side of Japan, the MT-09 has always been the purest of all MT models, with its dark and mysterious aesthetic and grin-inducing performance leaving a lasting impression on every rider. The game-changing MT-09 broke cover in 2013, just one year after the triple-cylinder CP3 engine concept was first shown suspended in an intricate wire frame at the Cologne Motorcycle Show. The first MT-09 brought pure emotion and excitement back to the world of motorcycling, kick-starting the Hyper Naked revolution that would change everything.

2024 MT-09

For 2024, Yamaha has taken the MT-09 to the next level of darkness, combining intelligence and style, further pursuing the sharpened purity of the Dark side of Japan. The new MT-09 offers an even more thrilling riding experience with pure adrenaline, aggressive and edgy styling and a premium specification featuring the latest in technological advancements.

The Hyper Naked segment is now one of the most important and successful in Yamaha’s range, featuring a total of eight models progressing through the experience levels from the learner-friendly 125cc MT-125 to the 1000cc MT-10 SP, the halo model of the line-up.

The new MT-09 marks its 10th anniversary with a comprehensive new design intended to amplify the feeling of the CP3’s iconic torquey acceleration. Based on the concept of ‘3D Riding’, allowing the rider to move more freely on the machine, the 2024 MT-09 bodywork is inspired by Yamaha’s YZ motocross bikes, which also require a high degree of freedom in riding position. The styling concept behind the MT-09 has always been that of ‘functional beauty’, eliminating unnecessary features and embodying a ‘less is more’ approach. Each and every detail has been reconsidered to reinforce the MT-09’s pure aggressive look and maximise an engaged riding experience.

A new LED headlamp, enclosed in a redesigned cover, creates a more unified relationship between the headlamp and the fuel tank and is inspired by the MT’s origins – a blend of ‘Naked’ and ‘Motard’. The bi-functional LED projector headlight has been enhanced, featuring a compact diameter lense module that is both smaller and thinner than the previous model, but which still provides a broad and powerful beam with soft edges for both low and high beam settings. Transparent twin LED position lights express a cool look with a sense of concentration to complete the MT-09’s more compact, sharp and aggressive style.

This theme is continued at the rear with a newly-designed LED tail-light. The tail-light and brake lights are separated to align with the new outer lens shape. And to give the whole rear a slimmer look, the upper tail-light lens is red, while the bottom has a smoke finish.

2024 MT-09

A new fuel tank has been designed to promote a more engaged and free riding position while maintaining the sharp and edgy aesthetic that has become synonymous with the MT name. Produced using a new press moulding manufacturing method, the new tank offers sharper character with clearly defined edges and tense styling unique to the MT models.

The grin-inducing roar of the MT-09 is one of its most defining characteristics, evoking a sense of pure adrenaline with every twist of the throttle. Following the Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy to stimulate the rider’s senses and make them feel at one with the bike, sound was an important consideration in the development of the latest EU5+ CP3 engine. The new MT-09’s sound is further amplified by a revised airbox featuring two newly-designed air-intake ducts which accentuate the high frequency sounds while maintaining a linear throttle response. This sound is then emphasised, especially at higher speed and revs, by the introduction of a new acoustic amplifier grille on top of the bike, delivering the CP3’s vibrant note directly to the rider.

2024 MT-09

The MT-09 is renowned for its stability and agility and this has been enhanced by refined ergonomics with modifications to the handlebar/footrest/seat relationship to improve rider comfort and offer greater freedom in movement for different riding styles while maintaining a sporty forward-lean riding position. In order to achieve this, the overall handlebar position is now lower and the rider can now choose between two adjustable handlebar positions depending on their personal preference and physique. The steering angle is also increased as a result of the lower profile fuel tank.

The newly-designed footrests are 30.6mm back compared to the previous model and have been raised by 9.5mm, while the footrest height can be adjusted to two different positions based on rider preference. To improve passenger comfort, the tandem footpegs have also been re-designed and are now mounted underneath the rear frame.

2024 MT-09To further enhance the feeling of freedom, the MT-09 now features a separated front and rear seat, improving both rider position and convenience when mounting and dismounting the machine. The step between the two seats also functions as a means of keeping the rider forward and over the front of the machine as the MT-09’s torque is unleashed, while the overall seat design improves rider agility.

In order to match the MT-09’s high torque and acceleration, stopping power is enhanced by a new Brembo radial master cylinder, which moves in the same direction as the brake lever resulting in a linear relationship between rider input and hydraulic brake pressure to the dual front brake discs for excellent controllability. In addition, a newly designed adjustable clutch lever offers the rider further control when engaging the clutch.

The MT-09’s 41mm KYB® front forks are fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping and now feature revised factory settings to achieve excellent stability. The rear suspension linkage design has been modified and the adjustable KYB® rear shock set to allow for a more dynamic feeling in cornering.

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