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Optimate would appear to have come up trumps with the ultimate battery charger and maintainer for the latest generation 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries  the OptiMate 4 Quad Program.

Without a proper battery care routine, running a bike like BMW’s new R1300 GS can quickly become a costly pursuit; a genuine BMW replacement lithium battery can set you back over £250. Add on accessories, like on-bike device charging, auxiliary lights and heated grips, which put additional demands on both battery and charging system, and it’s never been more important to invest in a quality battery charger/maintainer.


The OptiMate 4 Quad Program is claimed to be the ultimate battery charger for the high-technology 12V lead-acid or lithium battery, typically found in adventure, touring, cruiser and performance motorcycles. Also suitable for quads, side-by-side off-roaders and personal watercraft, it is the world’s most advanced powersport battery charger.

Both batteries and motorcycle electrical systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and sensitive, which makes choosing the right charger tricky – using the wrong one can cause more harm than good. The OptiMate 4 Quad Program is the perfect solution for owners of any motorcycle with a 12V system and is particularly useful for those with more than one bike to look after, because you can select the type of battery that is fitted. A one-stop solution to battery care, it is a 9-step 1.25A charger and maintainer that can be connected to all 12V STD, AGM and GEL lead-acid and LiFePO4 or LFP Lithium batteries. Simple to operate, the user can toggle between main modes at the push of a button, then just leave the OptiMate 4 Quad Program to do its thing automatically.

Part of OptiMate’s premium Gold Series, the Quad Program will test, assess, monitor and maintain the battery within its safe range, without the need for user input. It automatically adjusts current to match battery size and condition, and will also diagnose battery health, warning when damage is detected. The fully automatic multi-step programme brings it safely to full charge: just select from one of the four programmes:

  1. Lead-acid direct-to-battery
  2. Lead-acid via BMW CAN-Bus accessory socket
  3. Lithium direct-to-battery
  4. Lithium via BMW CAN-Bus accessory socket

OptiMate 4 Quad Program does the rest; no supervision needed.

For long-term use, connect the battery lead directly on to the terminals, and the charger will keep a battery in peak condition and extend its working life. It can also recover a ‘dead’ unit from as low as 0.5V, (most batteries appear ‘flat’ when they drop to 9V and are almost impossible to recover from below 2V).

OptimateThe Quad programming allows for charging directly to the battery, or through a live (‘hot’) 12V socket, using the optional OptiMate connector. It’s also fully set up to work with the CAN-bus controlled 12V DIN sockets found on many modern BMWs. It features Automatic Keyless Activation and the built-in BMS (Battery Management System) reset function reactivates Lithium batteries from sleep or deep discharge protection mode, ready to accept a charge. When the battery is at optimum charge level, the Quad Program switches to continued 24/7 long-term maintenance mode, to keep the battery in peak health.

Completely safe for long-term ‘connect-and-forget’ use, the OptiMate 4 Quad Program comes with full electronic protection, to prevent overcharging or damage to sensitive vehicle electronics. It has Energy Saving Technology to minimise electricity use (stand-by power is less than 0.5W) and is rated for use down to -40°C. It also features a weatherproof casing, so can be used outside.

The standard OptiMate 4 Quad Program retails at £83.90 including VAT and comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind.  For charging BMWs using the accessory socket, choose the OptiMate 4 Quad Program Premium which at £95.90 includes the required connector lead.

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