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Yep, it was time to get the bike dirty, and I could not have picked a more perfect day for our outing.

I had been riding the Scram in some unseasonably crisp but dry weather, and a quick rub down was all that was ever required to keep her looking neat and trim.

Then the weather turned.

RE Scram

I had been monitoring the forecast for days, and every time I thought it would be a good exercise to put those knobblies to the test, the sun had decided to say peeky-boo and dried out the roads.

Then, overnight rain and overcast skies the next morning saw me leap into action. Well, not exactly leap, more like a leisurely breakfast, wheel the Scram out of the garage, and head for some mucky lanes which are not far from my home.

RE Scram

It wasn’t long before Scram and I were weaving our way on a single-track road, dodging pot holes, roadside loose gravel and muddied pools of water. The trouble is, one never knows quite how deep the pot holes are going to be, and the thought of hitting a deep one, with the bike then launching me over the bars in a spectacular highside, was never far from my thoughts. But then we were not in any particular hurry, as I wanted to see how the bike handled in such shitty conditions.

RE Scram

This is, of course, Royal Enfield’s nod to a Scrambler, built for both street and dirt use. And let me tell you, it excels at both. The ride is very comfortable, with the handlebars making the rider adopt an upright posture, thereby offering superb visibility. In fact, this bike ticks all of the right boxes for me as a dual-purpose machine. It’s great fun to ride, and I felt very secure as we made strides over the crusty Tarmac.

RE Scram

As I mentioned in my previous article, the Scram is an excellent mix of retro styling with a higher-than-average riding height and dual-purpose rubber. A stripped-down version of the Himalayan, it carries the same engine but sans the adventure/touring kudos of screen and baggage.

RE Scram

I read somewhere once that scramblers mean dirt, dirt means fun and fun means falling over. Well, I haven’t done that, and I don’t intend to, but then we haven’t hit any wet grass trails… yet!

One thing I did notice when I was cleaning the bike after our muddy jaunt was this…

RE Scram

…It took me a minute to pull the rubber fork sleeve boot accordion protector back over the fork, securing it with the original cable tie. Job done.

And look at this, all clean and ready for our next outing…

RE Scram

I’ll be posting a video of the Scram shortly here on the site and social media, including YouTube, so watch out for that! Well, that’s if Royal Enfield hasn’t collected the bike by then. Meanwhile I’m saying nothing, because I’m having too much fun!

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