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Don’t know about you, but I cringe when I see people trying to sell secondhand helmets on FB Marketplace or other SM outlets. ‘As new’… ‘Only worn once’… ‘Bought it but found it was the wrong size’… Yeh, right. Presumably you tried it on in the shop first, right? Riders we are, Gullible we are not. Well, most of us, hopefully, anyway.

At the end of the day, there is a ‘new’ helmet to suit every biker and budget, whether it be for urban or street use, highways and byways, long-distance touring, green laning or off-roading. Admittedly, I have tested many a helmet and occasionally found after an hour or so in the saddle the odd personal flaw, whether it be a pain in the jawline;  too much wind noise; not enough peripheral vision;  particularly across the brow line…


You may not like the design of a helmet, or the colourway. That’s fine. But do make sure you are making the right choice for the right reasons. I have a selection of helmets for different styles of riding, and the latest one to attract my attention is the NEXX X.WST3. As the name is new to me, as it might be to you, I can tell you that NEXX helmets are manufactured in Portugal. I understand that the brand has been producing helmets since 2001 and is located in Amoreira da Gândara, 160 miles north of the wonderful city of Lisbon.

Intrigued as to what NEXX actually means, I was surprised to read that, according to the Urban dictionary, it is a derogatory term, thrown around (usually lacking substance) to describe something that is random, easy to make fun of, or out of the norm. Then I found another meaning: Nexx creates a mind that is analytical and exacting. You yearn for new experiences and the freedom to pursue your ideas without interference from others. Quite a contrast admittedly, so I’ll plug the second one, as I also discover that NEXX means to be analytical and exacting, a stickler for detail, and very fussy and particular. That’s a paraphrase, but it works in the case of the X.WST3 (no idea how they came up with that, either).


NEXX X.WST3 Plain White

It makes sense that doing everything in-house means that the brand can offer more flexibility while providing a higher level of customisation and service. The brand describes its helmets as ‘distinct, unmistakable and unique’. With five categories to choose from, the sleek X.WST3 is suited to street/urban cruising. Well, I’ve been cruising the streets for years, and I have yet to see anyone wearing a NEXX helmet, which is probably why several bikers have asked me about the helmet as I have laid it by the side of the bike, casually hung it off the grips, or placed it on a table as I enjoy a latte. Yep, they definitely seem to be rare on the ground, but for an everyday helmet packed with hi-tech features and safety facilities, it shouldn’t be too long before more riders are drawn to them.

In this case, the X.WST3 is available with a choice of two lightweight shells: the X-PRO 3K Carbon Fibre and a Multi-Composite Fibre option, made with NEXX’s own X-MATRIX2 material. Both versions are ECE22.06 certified, and come in three outer shell sizes for the closest fit across each size range.


NEXX X.WST3 Fluence (love this!)

I decided to trial the helmet on my Ducati Supersport S, and was immediately impressed by the wide field of view, and in particular across the brow. There was no need to tilt my head up to optimise the vision. I was also taken with the lightness and comfort levels, aided by the fact that the X.WST3 features the brand’s own Anti-Vibration EPS system, whereby a flexible rubber layer is sandwiched between the inner and outer EPS in order to  absorb the intrusive vibrations and buzzing caused by air turbulence at higher speeds. In addition, both the 3X Carbon and X-MATRIX2 shells feature aerodynamic shaping, plus a drag-reducing rear spoiler, to keep the head stable and reduce pressure on the neck, something I have been prone to in the past.

The visor comes with an excellent seal closure system, and whilst it came with a Pinlock Anti-Fog system as standard, I have an Iridium Blue visor on pre-order so will install it on that. However, the helmet does come with a drop-down sun visor, operated to the left of the helmet.

There are easily-adjustable ventilation ports to the front and rear, and airflow also can be adjusted across the top, with a fresh air chamber between the EPS liner and the padding providing a cooling flow of air as and when the temperature rises. It also has a double-D lock strap.

If you happen to be one of those riders who happens to like to stay connected, the X.WST3 comes ready to accept X-COM3 Bluetooth 5.0 comms, accessible from the left-hand side. Both the X-COM3 standard and X-COM3 Pro – with 2.0 Mesh Technology, and sound by Harman Kardon – will fit straight in. On the right-hand side is a removable side mount, for easy attachment of an action camera, so that’s next on my agenda.


NEXX X.WST3 Carbon Zero Pro

So, in summary, I love the overall peripheral vision, which is both wide and tall, and with its lightness, there is minimal neck fatigue. It’s reasonably quiet, and very comfortable, with excellent aerodynamics, and at a good price point.

The only minus is the chin curtain, which, after clipping in place, fell off every time I slid the helmet on. I understand that NEXX are aware of this issue, and are currently addressing the fault.

So, are we talking the NEXX best thing in motorcycle helmets? Well no, not exactly, but that’s not a negative, because there is a huge market out there, and with an unrivalled pedigree and a high level of commitment to safety, design and innovation, they are definitely worth checking out.

The X.WST3 X-MATRIX2 models retail at £329.99 in plain mono colour options and £349.99 in four eye-catching Fluence graphic styles. The 3X Carbon Zero Pro comes in a solid carbon finish and sells for £429.99. All three are available in sizes XXS-3XL. Zero Pro and Fluence models come with an additional tinted visor and visor bag.

For full spec and colour options, visit

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