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Harley-Davidson Breakout. Looks good, methinks. Just a bit of bling required, so I decide to put on some fancy skeleton-faced valve tyre caps complete with red eyes…

Front done, time for the rear one…


Yes, you, you evil fucker!

I walk into the right-hand footpeg, the metal part under the peg that tells you if you are leaning too far over on a bend. If you have ever caught your shin like that, or any other way, you will know that it is excruciatingly painful, because it is one of the parts of the body that has the least amount of skin coverage. I look down and blood is pouring down my leg and pooling in my sock. I manage to destroy about twenty strips of toilet paper attempting to stem the bleed, but I am not having much luck, so I put some wadding over the open wound and wrap a bandage around it – tightly. Then I phone the surgery, asking if there is a nurse available that can sort it out. “Sorry we don’t have the capacity,” comes the response. No, of course you don’t. “We suggest you either go to the pharmacy or run up to A&E.” Run up to A&E! Are you having a fucking laugh? But I know what the voice means. A pharmacist? Really? But I go there anyway… in the car. Blood is oozing through the bandage by now. “I think you need to attend A&E,” says the pharmacist, politely. Well, no kidding, methinks. I phone 111 and am told by a nurse practitioner to make my way to A&E reception, where I have been allotted a booking-in slot of 1830.

I arrive on time and meet a former colleague from East Midlands Ambulance Service. “This man has cut his leg,” says someone to her, helpfully, from behind reception. “I know, I saw the bandage,” says my friend. I am booked in and asked to go and sit down. Within ten minutes I am called through by a senior nurse practitioner who is going to attend to the wound.

I note the large tattoo on his left arm. A member of the Warlocks, a one percenter club who operate in the northern part of Lincolnshire, with clubhouses in Scunthorpe and Grimsby.


Well and truly patched… but not the type of biker patch you want… and yes, I know it’s upside down

He removes my bandage, and says I have done a right good job of my shin. Steri-strips will prove useless, so he heads off to fetch the trolley which carries all the necessary stitching equipment. As he begins to sew my shin back together, I tell him about the clumsy accident, and we chat about bikes. I mention about the run-in I had had with a local MCC over my wearing a HA 81 Support patch on my leather vest at one of their club nights. He says: ‘Oh, it was you.” Mmm, word spreads in the biker world. He is aware that those who had shown both myself and HA such disrespect by telling me to remove the patch had themselves been removed permanently from the MCC by the HA.

“If you are free one weekend, pop across to our clubhouse at The Yardbirds Rock Club in Grimsby and I’ll introduce you to the President,” he says. I have heard nothing but great things about this live music venue, with acts on every weekend throughout the year. So I plan to go… when I can ride again.


After all the fallout over the 81 patch, six MCC members chose to leave the club because of the lies that had been spread about the incident, with those involved trying – unsuccessfully – to cover their own backs.

So, the six former MCC members, plus moi, chose a new Wednesday evening venue; all very convivial, minus the politics and bitching. Then two decided to return to the MCC. Good luck, nothing like loyalty, eh.

I was enjoying a few beers at my local with the VP of the North Lincs HA Charter, when we spoke about the possible formation of a new club. A couple of Wednesdays later the two of us drove to the new venue where he could meet the group and chat about what would be involved. Without the approval of HA, you are stuffed, basically, and we wanted everything done by the book.


White Dragon R C… the image slightly on the tilt and a bit of a shadow. so sorry about that

The VP asked me to prepare a a Mission Statement, made some suggestions about our proposed patch, and said we could only form a Riding Club at this time (to become an MCC, you have to be running for three years, something we didn’t realise). A Riding Club is what we wanted to be anyway, devoid of politics, claimed territory (which would be pretty fucking stupid anyway)… as I say, everything as laid out by HA. The proposal was put before ‘the Room’, and the VP phoned me one evening at around 11.15pm and said we had full approval to proceed. Fantastic.


With new patches in situ on our vests, we meet at our local venue and decide to head across to where the MCC have their Wednesday evening gatherings.


Sorry, had to leave you behind this time…

My mates raised their hands as I drove into the car park (yes, that’s drove, not rode). The stitches were still in my leg, and I was struggling to walk properly. But I was wearing my leather cut.


White Dragon R C… (l-r) Deb, Carl, Taff and Dave… it’s official. Oh, and me, but I’m taking the picture!

We arrived at the MCC venue, to be met by their Road Captain, who happened to arrive at the same time. Smiles all round, handshakes and backslaps. All was good with the world. They were having a committee meeting, so we sat outside the pub at a wooden bench on a glorious evening. Meeting over, the MMC members drifted out and all came over to welcome us. No acrimony, no falling out, simply like-minded bikers with like-minded attitudes, no shit talk. They loved our patches, and one commented: “You can put your 81 patch back on now!”

Not wanting to spoil the mood, I didn’t explain that it had never been removed, but was simply on another leather cut, ready for the next time I head to the HA clubhouse for one of their Tuesday evening barbecues.

Just need these stitches out now…

  • If you fancy meeting up with White Dragon R C, we meet every Wednesday evening from 7pm at the Fox and Hounds, Newark Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 9SP. All fellow bikers are welcome. Just seek out the group in the corner wearing patches!


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