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Once a biker, always a biker. It doesn’t matter what you ride, but it matters enormously what you wear.

Hopefully, even the younger brethren should know that donning a helmet is law, but tees, shorts and flip-flops… come on, love road rash, do you! You may think you look cool and sexy, but you won’t after an extended hospital stay.

Let’s be honest, there seem to be a good deal more numpty car drivers out there since Covid restrictions were lifted. Eager to get behind the wheel of their motors, many seem oblivious to other road users, and especially bikers. I’m not stating anything new here, because you’ve heard it all before, but we have to be more cautious than ever, as many drivers seem happy to concentrate more on their cell phones than watching the road ahead… or behind for that matter.

So, my point is, is it not better to be seen, rather than bombing around like Darth Vader, immersed in black? If that is your passion, then even some colouring on a helmet helps. But why not go the whole hog (no, you don’t have to buy a Harley), with something colourful this summer, like the Super Hoodie 2.0 Sports from Oxford.

Whilst it looks dead casual, check out the features. The exterior comprises a soft, polycotton material, and the mesh-lined interior is super techy, approved to the new CE A standard. It comes with Aramid reinforcements for extra abrasion resistance in all the key areas, with Level 2 CE shoulder and elbow protectors. There is also provision for a back protector. Ribbed at the cuffs and hem, thumb holes are provided so you can secure the sleeves whilst on the move. The hood adjustment is via an elastic shock cord and TPU adjusters.

Super Hoodie 2.0

It has an interior pocket with Velcro closure, and two exterior Kangaroo pockets. Nothing is going to fall out of those, because those pockets come with hidden zipper pockets. Neat. The sports graphic on the chest looks great, as does the contrast adjustment cord.

I have to confess I enjoyed some jolly banter with my PR friend when I requested a sample for test. He wondered whether it was him getting old or the rest of the world refusing to! The latter, I fear, Henry. You see, you’re right, perhaps, ahem, gentlemen of a certain age should not be tempted by ‘hooligan wear’. But then, when you reach a certain age in life, you fail to care what other people think. As long as you enjoy the look and the style and the comfort and the practicality and the safety aspects of a particular garment, then be your own man/woman! And anyway, plenty of bikers have admired the jacket, and that says it all.

Oh, and if you aren’t brave enough to opt for the Red, then you can tone things down with the Grey or Black option. And what’s not to like about the price at £129.99!

Go on, be bold, be seen, be a hooligan!


Oxford Hoodie

FOOTNOTE: I would like to say that that’s me in the images, but it ain’t, they’re courtesy of Oxford. Probably a good job, actually…

AND ANOTHER FOOTNOTE: For those of you scratching your heads about the SMIDSY acronym, it stands for… Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You.

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