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I understand passion when I see it. I really get it. When you become so deeply involved in something, particularly a project, you nurture it, you protect it, you allow it to seep into your innermost consciousness as it consumes every part of you; you dream it,  you live it, you keep it to yourself until it is time to show the world your creation. It may have taken months, no, years of planning, meetings, drawings, collaborations, testing; backwards and forwards to the drawing board, the testing lab, the wind tunnel…

Ah, wind tunnel. That might give the game away. But first let me tell you about that passion, because rarely have I come across it with as much abundance as the team at Ruroc, the UK helmet manufacturer. It oozes from every pore of their being. They care. They ask for nothing in return apart from honesty from you, the rider. If there is a particular feature of a helmet that you don’t like, then tell them. They don’t mind. It keeps them on their toes.


Ruroc’s gym, complete with subdued blue spot lighting

And whilst I mention the latter, Ruroc’s HQ, based on an industrial estate outside Gloucester, actually houses a company gym. That’s right, a gym. It’s all very fancy, with subdued blue lighting, loads of equipment and, yes, a professional gym instructor. At lunchtimes, for example, staff can pop down for a half-hour workout with their personal trainer before taking the rest of their break recovering with fruit, or salad, or pasta, or whatever else they bring from home.

Anyway, they say what happens in the room, stays in the room. So it does, or should I say, did. I was invited to attend a Ruroc launch event that was under strict embargo. As a writer (and, ahem, social media start-up), used to working to a deadline, sitting on a story for any length of time is difficult, but I was under instruction to sit this one out until April 10… That’s today. So as the bell chimes midnight, I am ready to post, ready for all you early-morning starters to read about ‘The Big Reveal’ over breakfast.

So, another helmet! Okay, yes, but not just any other helmet, because this one is very special indeed.


EOX Ignis, one of the new colourways available

In works of art, Eos is represented as a young woman, usually winged, either walking with a youth in her arms or rising from the sea in a chariot drawn by winged horses; sometimes, as the goddess who dispenses the dews of the morning, a pitcher in each hand. Eos is the personification of the dawn; also represented as the lover of the hunter Orion and of the youthful hunter Cephalus. What the hell has all this to do with a motorcycle helmet, you may ask? Well, if you know anything about Ruroc, you will know that the brand loves a bit of Greco-Roman theatre and quirkiness in its branding. Eos is the latest in question, although the last character has been changed to spell out EOX, the new flagship, premium model to the range.

As a witness to ‘The Big Reveal’, I can say with all honesty that the EOX not only redefines the iconic Ruroc design, but also marks a new era for the brand in next-level safety, performance, comfort and connectivity.


EOX Ghost (gloss white)… nice, eh

So what can I tell you: ECE 22.06 and DOT certified; a lightweight QUAD-MATRIX carbon composite shell; sculpted for optimal aerodynamic performance; newly-designed toolless visor mechanism; adjustable airflow with six high-flow vents; ‘Right Fit’ formula for personalised comfort; best-in-class 215° field of view; re-engineered integrated communications, including new Cardo Mesh system. Good, eh!

Here’s Davy Thomas, Ruroc’s Chief Marketing Officer: “The EOX – pronounced ‘ee-yos’ – is a whole new platform for us, taking everything that we’ve developed over the past 15 years, packaging it together into a top-of-the-range helmet that offers the latest in safety standards and technology enhancements. Without losing our distinctive DNA at the heart of the Ruroc brand, EOX is the result of core developments to rider protection, aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort. What’s more, we’ve also partnered up with Cardo Systems to further enhance our Shockwave communication offering with dynamic mesh technology.

“We’re very fortunate to have an enthusiastic and highly engaged global community of Ruroc riders at our fingertips, which we don’t take for granted when it comes to new helmet development. The EOX was co-developed with our community; we learned from thousands of pieces of rider feedback, including capturing real-world fitment and comfort feedback from hundreds of real Ruroc riders at events over the past few years. This is what happens when passionate riders, forward-thinking engineers, disruptive designers and industry-leading accessory partners put their minds together.”


Ouch! Impact testing in the lab

The EOX is Ruroc’s lightest yet most robust carbon composite to date. That has been achieved by utilising next-generation impact-protection technologies, thereby delivering first-class safety standards in accordance with both ECE 22.06 and DOT certifications. Not compromising on either safety or comfort, Ruroc has introduced its brand-new Quad-Matrix Carbon Composite shell made of T300 carbon fibre reinforced with Kevlar, Nylon and Fibreglass to enhance strength, flexibility and overall impact performance.

Once again the brand has collaborated with RHEON™ to seamlessly integrate its innovative reactive polymer technology into EOX’s headlining for protection against impact and rotational forces, alongside a combined multi-density EPS and EPP impact liner for enhanced energy absorption.

Redefining Ruroc’s iconic helmet design into a brand-new form, EOX has been sculpted to specifically improve aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic performance. The EOX shell design features a new spoiler, seamless visor integration and flowing contours that, when compared to the ATLAS 4.0 Track, delivers a dramatic improvement in stability with its angular velocity magnitude improved by 37%, as well as a 2% reduction in noise, as well as a 110% improvement in thermal airflow compared to the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon.

What’s more, EOX sets a new standard in helmet fitment. During helmet development, Ruroc measured the heads of hundreds of riders and tested dozens of different padding layups, densities and liner materials to perfect the ‘right fit’ formula. As a result, EOX is offered in three shell sizes that optimise fit whilst maintaining a slim profile, in addition to the inclusion of an extra set of new ‘slim-line’ cheek pads as standard, for a personalised fit.


EOX Buzzsaw, which I will be testing

Keeping the same best-in-class peripheral 215° field of view as the ATLAS 4.0, EOX’s visor offers panoramic views alongside a newly-designed toolless mechanism that allows for effortless visor changes on the go. The visor features an anti-scratch coating on the outside surface, and on the inside, the visor features Pinlock-compatible fixing pins with a top-of-the-line Pinlock 120XLT insert that comes as standard inside the box.

When it comes to ventilation, EOX delivers no less than six optimised vents and a channelled EPS lining for adjustable airflow throughout the helmet. Working in harmony with the flowing lines of the outer shell, the vents offer high-flow intensity for all-over comfort, and both the chin vent and top vent can be easily operated with gloves on.

Seamless connectivity with Shockwave Mesh, powered by Cardo

In an ever-connected world, Ruroc offers EOX owners yet more choice, with the optional add-on of the brand’s newly-designed and optimised Shockwave system as well as an all-new Shockwave Mesh system, developed in association with leading wireless communication experts, Cardo Systems, with sound engineered by the audio experts at Harman Kardon. Now, riders can connect with up to 15 friends with a connectivity range of up to one mile, all from a fully integrated system maintaining the all-important ECE 22.06 rating.

For riders not looking for ultimate connectivity, Shockwave Bluetooth offers a more basic system, still suitable for connectivity and music, also featuring Harman Kardon and full helmet integration.

Developed and designed alongside the helmet to complement the aesthetic and aerodynamics of EOX, both the new Shockwave Mesh and Bluetooth Shockwave systems seamlessly slot into the EOX in a designated, rider-optimised position so not only is it Ruroc’s most connected helmet, but also the EOX never compromises style.


EOX Liquid Carbon

Colours and Graphics

With Ruroc being known for its iconic and bold designs and colourways, the EOX is no exception, launching in eight exciting designs, with two flat paint finishes: Core (matte black) and Ghost (gloss white), as well as two exposed carbon weave colour options: Raw Carbon (matte black carbon weave) and Liquid Carbon (gloss black carbon weave), all of which are complete with a tonal Ruroc logo embossed on the chin of the helmet.

EOX also launches four all-new helmet artworks for 2024:


EOX Buzzsaw

The EOX Buzzsaw, a futuristic beast clad in gun-metal armour with exposed, blood-red wiring.


EOX Ignis…bright colour, that… have you got a KTM!

The EOX Ignis, where bright, bold orange paintwork with tonal racing lines sits alongside an exposed carbon fibre weave base.

The other two in the line-up are EOX Mictlan, the hand-drawn skull of the Aztec God of Death laid in gold foil, and the EOX Squadron, drawing inspiration from Spitfires flown by the No.457 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force with the infamous painted shark’s mouth, and the

  • The EOX will be available exclusively online at from April 24 at 5pm (GMT), starting from £399/$499 /€539


Thanks to Ruroc for compiling the following video…

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