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“Ride it like a sportsbike,” said Jon Goldson at B and B Motorcycles during a telecon.

We were chatting about my Ducati XDiavel S. Why? Because the first time I rode it (recent purchase) I thought the suspension was kinda hard.

I had been in communication with Dr Google, who told me there was preload only in one fork leg; rebound compression in each of the separate legs; and the shock had no compression adjustability but had rebound adjustability. Got that! Google gobbledygook until I got my head round it over a chilled G&T.

So, I went seeking a Ducati specialist in Lincoln for advice. There had been a dealership on South Park, a rather impressive glass-fronted building, but that closed a while back. Jon had worked there. Not sure about timings, but B and B Motorcycles, located at The Spa Showroom on Greetwell Road, took up the mantle as an independent specialist for Ducati. B and B is also a Suzuki dealer. Confused? I will be if I keep popping in and looking round the impressive collection of bikes.

Anyway, the Diavel. On a drizzly afternoon I dragged Jon from the front desk and we chatted about the bike. He’s a very knowledgeable chap, as is his colleague, Ducati technician John. John loved the bike. It is white, you see, and there are not many of those around. He had a customer’s Diavel round the back, in for service I presume. It was nice, but not as nice as mine. But then I would say that.

I learnt a lot about the bike, such as how best to ride it, when to have it serviced, etc. I love it even more now.

So, check out the video and see what the guys had to say…


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