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Ruroc has been making giant strides on the helmet front of late. And how pleasing it is to see a UK manufacturer gaining momentum with every new iteration in the product line.

In fact, some of the designs are so out there that I would love to have a complete display wall in my study showcasing some of the more outrageous graphics. No joke.


In some senses it can get a tad overwhelming with such a breadth of choice. You decide on one design, then you spot another and think, ‘Ah, I should have gone for that one…’ So you may end up with two… or three… your choice, your call, your money…

And the brand does not go unnoticed, either, by the powers that be. For example, Ruroc’s flagship ATLAS 4.0 has been awarded a 4-star rating, the first R22. 06 Ruroc helmet to be independently assessed by SHARP. And that’s no mean feat.


Onwards and upwards, and after the successful launch of the Atlas 4.0 STREET, this year we are presented with two new additions to the 2024 line-up, which, I gather, have been restored from original designs in Ruroc’s legendary design vaults and brought back to life on the brand’s latest helmet offering.

Already recognised for the impressive safety standards and core design elements of the flagship ATLAS 4.0 model, the ATLAS 4.0 STREET is now available in the Eagle and El Diablo design. If you want striking, then here you have it.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (yes, I know there are only two designs, but you get my drift), I have been checking out the Eagle, inspired by the apex predator, and featuring angular metallic gold details contrasted with its softer, matte-grey feathers. Looks good, doesn’t it.


As you will gather, I could have opted for the El Diablo, featuring fiery artwork with red flame details on a matte black shell. Damn. Should I have gone for that one instead? See what I mean!

I’ll leave it to Head of Brand, Neal Duffy, to explain all: “Since the early days, Ruroc has been a brand synonymous with eye-catching graphics that challenge the limitations of helmet design. We’re always striving to create new opportunities for riders to express themselves, and with the community at the heart of much of our decision-making, we couldn’t ignore the sheer volume of comments to bring back old ATLAS favourites. So, for the latest ATLAS 4.0 STREET, we revisited and updated two of our much-loved historic designs and applied these to the ATLAS 4.0 canvas, creating something entirely classic and fresh at the same time.”


Interestingly, the STREET strips the ATLAS 4.0 back to the essential components without compromising on safety or design, staples to any Ruroc helmet. It features a fibreglass shell composition covered in intricate stand-out decals. Sliding the helmet on, it’s a snug but comfortable fit, and immediately I felt immersed in the plush interior lining which boasts multi-density cheek pads. I’m glad to see the inclusion of a DD-ring chin strap, rather than the Fidlock chin strap system found on the Atlas 4.0. However, in all honesty, the latter is dead simple to operate, although I found myself fumbling about like a jerk in the garage until I got the technique. But hey, that’s just me.


The STREET offers an excellent field of view, ultra-wide in fact, and with its ECE 22.06 certification, you can expect Ruroc’s unmistakable style and next-level safety in a lower-priced package. Wearing the helmet at a biker meet, two riders commented: “Nice Ruroc.” Now that just shows how unmistakeable Ruroc’s styling cues are. Switching the clear visor to a mirrored one made the Eagle even more stunning in its look. Okay, on the only slightly negative front, the helmet is not the lightest on the market, but it is quiet, sits very comfortably on the head, and it’s not going to bust your wallet, either…

The new price comes in at up to almost 18% lower than the original launch price, so you can expect to pay £229 for paint variants, and £259 for decals. Not bad, eh.

Good luck with the choice. Doh, sod it, just buy both!

Both Eagle and El Diablo designs are available online at


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